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Commissions are CLOSED

Last Updated 12/28/15

Ways to contact me: (whatever's easiest)
* Drop me an Ask on tumblr.
* E-mail me at leftandrightdolls AT gmail DOT com.

Fanart and original characters are both equally welcome.  See my list of premade dolls for examples of fanart, or scroll down to see examples of OCs.

Please see my post about ordering info for more info about prices and shipping.


Ordering Customs

When you order a custom doll, please specify whether you want the small size (6"), the medium size (10") or the large size (18").  All of the dolls pictured above are 10". Good examples of small dolls include the Homestuck Kids/Trolls, Yoda, and Chopper. The large dolls are only available in custom. I reserve the right to decline any custom for any reason.

Please note that the heights listed are approximate based on the particular style of doll, and that characters with different physiques may run taller or shorter (especially when dealing with multiple characters who belong in a set).

6" dolls start at $45 and include:
* Basic form (2 arms, 2 legs, torso, head)
* Single outfit (attached to body)
* Embroidered face (includes 6 mm plastic safety eyes)
* A reasonable hairstyle

10" dolls start at $60 and include all of the above plus:
* Posable legs (i.e. sitting, standing)
* Increased level of detail

Possible extras that could affect price: (ASK FOR QUOTE)
* Extra limbs (arms/tails/etc.)
* Removable outfits
* Additional outfits
* Armor/capes/hats/accessories
* Chain maille or beadwork
* Angelic wings ($10)
* Crocheted Wheelchair or similar accessory ($40)

All dolls are made from either acrylic yarn or from acrylic-wool blend. All details are embroidered on, not painted.  Most dolls also include plastic safety eyes, except in cases where the eyes are embroidered.

Small (6") and Medium (10") dolls usually finish within 4-8 weeks of receiving payment. Once a doll is made it can add several hours to do any revisions, and I reserve the right to refuse or charge extra for rework.

Character Description

Please provide reference images! My dolls' likenesses are only as good as the images provided. If the character comes from a movie/comic/tv/whatever series, make sure it's clear which outfit you're expecting. Original characters are encouraged too!

The best dolls have iconic features and/or recognizable outfits. As a rule of thumb, characters tend to work much better than actual people (i.e. Captain Jack Sparrow would work fine, but Johnny Depp probably wouldn't.)  See the other dolls in my gallery for examples.

I think that about covers everything. Questions? Comments? Leave a message!
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MusicAndArtRocker Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure if this is your thing, but do you do stuff other than dolls?
leftandrightdolls Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Dolls are the only thing I've got up for sale right now, but I can knit and crochet other things too.  I've made hats and scarves and gloves just to wear for myself.  Why, what did you have in mind?
WhispersOfHope12 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student Writer
I'm so sorry for the late reply, my friend and I have been going back and forth about this doll. We finally settled on a different doll, if that is alright? I am so sorry for any inconvenience this causes you.
Instead of the Seventh Doctor, how much would it be to make the Eleventh Doctor (10 inch and in the 'Bells of Saint John' outfit)? (… and… for reference?)
leftandrightdolls Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Changing your mind is fine.  I don't usually start on a doll until payment is worked out just in case of stuff like that XD.

Him I can make for $50, plus shipping and if you live in Illinois then sales tax.  He'd still take about 4-6 weeks after receiving payment.  If you could send me your preferred e-mail address for Paypal and let me know where you live so I can figure out tax/shipping, I can have Paypal send you an invoice.
WhispersOfHope12 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Student Writer
Out of curiosity, how much would a 10'' doll of the Seventh Doctor with his umbrella be? (… or… or… for reference)
leftandrightdolls Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
His design is pretty complicated and has a lot of small details, but I can make him for $60.  Shipping is another $5 in the US and Canada (I'd have to ask at the post office what to charge if you live anywhere else).  And if you live in Illinois I have to charge sales tax.

A couple remarks on the details:
* My stitches are pretty large compared to the detail in the sweater.  I'm sure I can come up with something recognizable, but you won't be able to make out each and every little question mark.
* The only way I can make him hold an umbrella is to sew it directly to his hands.  Otherwise it'd just have to be a prop sitting next to him.
* The hat would most likely be sewn onto his head.  Hat's don't tend to stay in place otherwise.  Likewise, none of his clothes would be removable either.

Also, there's not enough time left for me to finish a commission between now and Christmas, but I can have him done within about 4-6 weeks of receiving payment.

Assuming those are all cool with you and you're still interested in the doll, send me your preferred e-mail address (either a private note here on dA or an e-mail to is fine) and I'll have Paypal set up a transaction.  Thanks for your interest in my dolls!
WhispersOfHope12 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Student Writer
This looks good! I'll send you the email address soon (since a friend of mine and I are both going to give it to her she has to look this over) but she should be alright with this! Expect the address either tomorrow or Tuesday. :)
Meigz Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
I am looking to have a custom doll made as a Christmas gift to someone special and I want to make sure I order in plenty of time for it to be made, shipped and received before the holidays (I get that it's only October but I imagine you might get rather busy closer to the holidays). I want the doll to be in the likeness of the person I'm ordering it for. Would you be able to do that?
leftandrightdolls Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
I'm pretty sure I can, but it'd help to see reference photos of the person first.  Feel free to message me so you aren't posting photos publicly here in the comments.

Do they have a favorite outfit you want them dressed in?  An iconic outfit really helps add to the likeness.  It'd be best if at least one photo you send has them wearing it, but if that's not an option it should still be ok if you describe it and/or find similar images on google.

There should be plenty of time to get the doll finished by Christmas.  I don't have any other commissions right now, and I try to work on things first-come-first-served.  I'm actually selling dolls at my first con this weekend (if you happen to live in the St. Louis area, feel free to drop by!) so I may pick up some commissions there, but I still don't see it being a problem.  I may even be able to use some of the down time to get started on yours!

Also, it looks like you just created your account this past week.  I hope you didn't go to such trouble just to talk to me!  You can e-mail me at if you prefer -- that way you don't have to log into this website anymore just to talk to me.
kravenuk Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
Hi, I was wondering if you could make a David Tennant Dr Who doll much like the one you linked beforehand- [link]
Or even in this style outfit- [link]
as a 10" Medium doll. Apologies If I'm not doing this right, I've never been on Devientart before
Kind regards, Mark :)
leftandrightdolls Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
Oh hey, I started watching Dr. Who a few months ago and finally caught up last week. The tenth doctor would be pretty awesome for a doll.

What you're doing is fine, although we'll probably want to switch over at some point to DA's private messaging system (they call it Notes) so you don't have to post your e-mail and shipping address for the whole world to see. XD

Custom 10" dolls are going for $50 at this point, but I'll ship free to anywhere in North America. Payments are done through Paypal. The doll should take around 3 or so weeks as of when I receive payment, but I'll try to keep you updated in terms of status.

I've got a few special offers right now you may want to consider too:

1) If you're on tumblr, this month happens to be my big 100th doll giveaway where the winner gets a custom doll (of the same type you asked for) for free. Click the link to see how that works.

2) If you like MSPA, I'm giving away Homestuck dolls for free to anyone who buys one of my other dolls at full price. If you don't want one, I'll instead give $10 off on any additional dolls for each doll after the first.

Whatever you decide on, send a note with your preferred e-mail address and I can go ahead and have Paypal arrange payment. I'll assume all you want is the $50 for the one custom doll unless I hear otherwise.

Thanks for your interest, and feel free to ask if you've got any more questions. :)
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